Wolf Pack Tunnels Through Deep Snow In Epic Drone Footage

wolves tunneling in snow

By any means necessary, nature will find a way.

While some animals tough it out more or less on their own, some band together to brave the elements and no species shows a better example of teamwork than wolves.

Living in packs of around 10, although sometimes much larger, these carnivores hunt together, sleep together, raise and protect their young together, and make a home-range together, truly exemplifying the all for one and one for all mentality.

Drone footage was captured in China’s Xinjiang region shows a wolf pack tunneling through deep snow and it’s truly incredible. Some creatures may have just hunkered down in the woods and tried to wait out the weather, but not these guys, who followed their alpha through drifts of snow well over their head height.

Truly an incredible sight.

I get that wolves are designed for cold temperatures but man what a tough life to life. There really may be no animals cooler and more majestic than a wolf.

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