Wolves Corner Injured Bison At Yellowstone National Park, Get Ready To Feast

Bison attacked by wolves in national park
Patrick Maddy

The brutality of nature at its finest.

I have to plan a trip to Yellowstone National Park as soon as possible. From the beautiful scenery, to the wildlife I would never get to see in my part of the country, it’s just something I need to experience at least once in my life.

Not to mention, there’s also the possibility of witnessing a wild scene like this one.

This one went down along the Firehole River just north of Nez Perce creek inside the park, when a couple of wolves discovered a visibly injured bison standing along the bank of the river. For awhile, the wolves scoured the area, making sure that the bison was all to their own.

Of course, the bison was already too injured to even walk, so it appears to have accepted its fate, hoping that the wolves didn’t want any part of it. It’s unclear how the bison became injured but it’s likely that the wolves themselves launched the initial attack, or the bison tangled with a grizzly.

The man who captured the scene on footage, Patrick Maddy, admitted in the caption that he was only to watch for about an hour before having to leave, so he didn’t get to see the end result.

However, you can only imagine that this bison was turned into dinner for these wolves later that day, as the bison had nowhere to run.

“This was taken on 1/20/2024 along the Firehole River just north of Nez Perce creek. I’m not sure if the wolves injured the bison or if he was already hurt but his end seems inevitable.

I could only watch for an hour so I don’t know how this ended but I’m sure you can imagine.”

Check it out:

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