Dash Cam Shows The Moment An Amazon Delivery Truck Is Split In Half By Train… Driver Walks Away Without A Scratch

Amazon driver

When you hear the words “Amazon” and “half off,” your first thought is that the online retail giant must be having a sale, right? This insane video features an Amazon delivery truck and something being half off, but there’s no flash sale. The only thing that was flashing was this driver’s life right before his eyes.

TMZ obtained shocking dash camera footage of an Amazon driver who accidentally stopped their delivery truck on train tracks. This incident happened a few years ago, and though the story was reported on initially, this is the first time that the public has been able to see the first-hand footage.

I’ll try to stay as professional as possible here, but the video that is now making the rounds on social media is INSANE. It almost looks like it’s out of an action movie, only it happened in real life, and somehow this Amazon driver made it out virtually unscathed. The video first shows the Amazon worker driving along like it’s just another day behind the wheel. From the vantage point of the camera, which is on the dash pointed at the driver and passenger seats, we can’t see what’s happening outside of the vehicle.

But solely based upon the driver’s facial expressions, viewers can clearly see around the 17 second mark that something is about to go down. The Amazon driver does his best to correct his mistake, but it turns out to be too late, and the train rips through the back half of the delivery van. Miraculously, the front half of the van basically stayed in place after the collision, leaving the man to be battered around, but for the most part okay. In the background after the crash, you can see the train barreling on by with the back half of the vehicle now fully open to the elements.

There’s no telling how much adrenaline was coursing through the driver shortly after the incident. If you had to ask me, he looked fairly calm for someone that just dodged a fatal incident by a couple of feet. He just shakes his head in what looks like disappointment more than anything, as if he had just accidentally dropped something in the kitchen and now had a mess to clean up.

And there was a mess to clean up alright, as the front half of the delivery van was sitting on one side of the road by the train tracks, while the other half (with all of the packages) was partially obliterated with some of it still being pushed down the rails by the train. In the end, the van and all the packages can be replaced. That guy sitting in the driver seat cannot, and one could argue that he definitely had a guardian angel watching over him on that fateful day.

Take a look:

The driver, Alexander Evans, says he couldn’t believe he survived:

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