“I’m A Romantic Heart” — Dolly Parton Shares Her Valentine’s Day Tradition With Husband Of 57 Years, Carl Dean

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Seeing as Dolly Parton has been married to her husband Carl Dean for 57 years, she’s highly qualified to give out relationship advice.

And on a day like today, Valentine’s Day, it seems like the expectations get more and more outlandish and crazy every year, which is why, in my book, it’s always best to just keep it simple. You can never go wrong that way, and it seems like Dolly and Carl don’t really do too much to celebrate.

Dolly recently told Southern Living that she makes him a chocolate cake every year, and puts little hearts all over it as a special treat:

“Usually I make Carl, my husband, a chocolate cake on Valentine’s, and I put hearts all over it.”

She also admitted she’s thinking of changing it up a little bit this year:

“Maybe this year, I think I’ll do chocolate gravy and maybe do a white cake for our Valentine’s.”

Most importantly, Dolly says she’s a romantic so she tries to do little things to make the day special for her husband…

“I remember every special Valentine’s Day, especially with Carl, especially in those early days when you do special things, like buy yourself a little special gown and put out your rose petals and cook the special meal.

I’m a romantic heart, so I like doing those special things.”

I feel like she could just get away with just recreating her 1978 Playboy cover again, though…

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