Miranda Lambert Is BACK With Fiery, Vengeful New Song “Wranglers”

Miranda Lambert country music
Courtesy of Republic Records

Miranda Lambert is back and better than ever with an absolute HEATER.

The Texas native dropped a new song today called “Wranglers,” which is her first release with her new label Republic.

The fiery lyrics and take-no-shit message certainly harkens back to 2007 Miranda and songs like “Kerosene,” and like I’ve said plenty of times, scorned Miranda is my favorite… so yeah, I’ve been really excited to hear this one.

It tells the tale of a woman “taking her power back” and settling the score when someone does her wrong, and that line “wranglers take forever to burn” is already stuck in my head. I also learned something new about flammability of the iconic jean brand, which I will certainly keep in the back of my head just in case…

Miranda says “Wranglers” is ultimately about finding strength, but also a fun revenge song that we can all relate to in some way, big or small:

“‘Wranglers’ is a classic tale of a woman taking her power back. I think we can all identify with the character in this song, because we have all had a time in our life where we needed to find our strength, and also get a little revenge on someone who did us wrong or hurt us.

This offers such a cool, raging take on how something like this unravels; I think the songwriters nailed it.”

Written by Audra Mae, who also sings on the track, Evan McKeever and Ryan Carpenter, she admits that the new song feels like it could’ve been a song she cut back in 2007:

“I am so proud to sing this song. It feels like it could have been on the same record as ‘Gunpowder & Lead’ in a lot of ways.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is a pretty powerful statement, and the way it’s written, you can tell, we’re not kidding.”

Miranda also hinted at a new album coming this year, saying she has “a lot more music” coming soon:

“Country music at its core tells the truth about life, but it makes you feel something. Sometimes you laugh. Sometimes you throw your fist in the air. Sometimes that fist goes through the wall.

All I know is I’ve got a lot more to say, and a lot more music coming soon. So for anyone who’s ever seen themselves in one of my songs, especially the rowdy ones, get ready! We wanted to come with something that really says something from the start.

And there’s a whole lot of feelings and rhythms and great playing to come.”

Miranda previously debuted the song during her headlining Stagecoach set last Saturday, which was so fun to watch, and it’s likely the the beginning of much more to come. Miranda most recently released her Palomino album back in 2022, so I’d say we’re long overdue for a new project.

Republic Records is a massive, New York City-based label, and Miranda has also inked a partnership deal with Nashville-based label Big Loud to help with country radio promotion, in addition to other marketing and strategic efforts.

She also recently started a new venture as partner at a brand new label, an offshoot of Big Loud called Big Loud Texas, so I’m not surprised to see her make a deal like this and hopefully it will serve her well in terms of reaching a much broader audience beyond her country fanbase having Republic involved.

Stay tuned…

And obviously, turn this one up to 10 and enjoy. These are the kinds of songs that Miranda does best, and put her on the map for many country fans so many years ago, so I’m quite happy to see her back and more vengeful than ever.

When she’s in form like this, she never, ever misses:


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