Diplo Shares Heartwarming Video Of Toby Keith’s Music Connecting Him With Kenyan Hikers

Diplo country music
Maria José Govea

Music connects us all.

Over the past week, we have indulged in incredible tributes and shared fan moments honoring the late and great Toby Keith. The Big Dog Daddy went home at the age of 62 after a lengthy battle with stomach cancer. They say you really find out how much someone means to everyone once they are gone, and we knew Toby Keith was well-loved… but damn, he was more than that.

Many artists share sentiments about how much they loved Keith, but even with moments like that, sometimes it’s hard to put into perspective how much reach his music had. That is until Diplo shared a video from his archives.

Hiking through Kenya, the famed DJ ran into some men blasting Toby Keith.

“As I heard about Toby Keith, I think about this moment a few weeks ago. I was hiking in Keyna and ran into these guys listening to country music. I always knew music stretched far, but country music…

Turns out thousands of miles away they were listening to Toby Keith. Just goes to show how widely loved his music was around the world. Toby, thanks for letting me and two random Kenyan hikers feel connected through your music.”

Diplo asks the men if they love country music as “Should’ve Been A Cowboy” through their phone’s speakers… talk about a powerful moment.

I think Toby would be smiling down on this moment, humbled and grateful that his music was able to bring these men from very different walks of life together.

Music is a powerful, powerful thing.

Turn this classic ditty ALL the way up.

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