“Talk To Me When He Has 33% Of My Super Bowl Titles” – Troy Aikman’s 2019 Dig At Patrick Mahomes Has Aged Like Milk

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When Patrick Mahomes was fresh off his first full season as the Kansas City Chiefs’ starter, having thrown for 50 TDs, over 5,000 yards, with a league MVP award in tow, another QB legend, Troy Aikman, opted to throw shade at him upon seeing the prolific statistical pace the young superstar was on.

You can see for yourself what Aikman posted the day after the Chiefs’ stunning 33-28 Week 3 win over the Ravens in 2019.

Love how Aikman tossed in the, “ICYMI” while clapping back to The Athletic on the platform that used to be known as Twitter and only Twitter.

Mahomes had thrown 10 TDs and zero INTs in leading Kansas City to a 3-0 start that year. They’d wind up 12-4 in the regular season before going on a run to the Super Bowl, where they rallied from a 10-point deficit to shock the San Francisco 49ers in a 31-20 triumph. If that sounds strangely familiar, it’s because last night, Mahomes willed the Chiefs to an overtime victory in Super Bowl LVIII over, you guessed it, the 49ers after trailing 10-0 early on.

How poetic — or “NFL IS RIGGED” if you believe some of the morons on the Internet — that Mahomes would tie Aikman with three Super Bowl wins before his age-29 season even arrives.

That’s hilarious. Ridiculous. Leave some for the rest of us pleb fan bases, Patrick!

The only quarterbacks Mahomes has ever lost to in the playoffs are Tom Brady twice, and once to Joe Burrow. It remains to be seen just how good Burrow can be and if he can stay healthy, but taking a couple Ls to the GOAT Brady is nothing to be ashamed of. Brady is really the only guy Mahomes is chasing for the GOAT crown at this point. There’s something poetic about that, too.

Some additional takes on this Mahomes-Aikman situation are rolling in, and they deliver the goods as you’d expect.

That “I ain’t gonna lie I’m getting cooked right now” meme would be the perfect response from Aikman. Alas, he’s not on Twitter much anymore.

It’s true that Aikman’s statistics pale in comparison to those of Mahomes, but it’s such a different game nowadays. I’m sure Aikman could’ve put up some gaudier numbers in his heyday. He just had the luxury of a great offensive line and the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, Emmett Smith, in the backfield. There wasn’t as much of a need to air it out all the time.

Aikman probably was even joking a little when he said that now-infamous Super Bowl quote about Mahomes. Unfortunately for him, social media folk are petty like that. Receipts are kept. Tough look, big guy! Let’s lift Troy’s spirits a bit with a Hall of Fame reel.

To his credit, Aikman posted an original tweet for the first time since August to congratulate Mahomes and Kansas City on the big dub.

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