“Just Like We Drew It Up” – Joe Biden Shares Bizarre Dark Brandon Tweet After Chiefs Win Super Bowl

Joe Biden

This won’t help to quiet down the “NFL is rigged” crowd.

The result of the Super Bowl itself doesn’t help either, as the Kansas City Chiefs won back-to-back Lombardi trophies, and prove that their dynasty is alive and well (three Super Bowl wins since 2020).

Any football fan that tuned into the “Big Game” could see how the game was going to turn out as it happened. Even as Mahomes and the Chiefs got down early, as they have in all of their Super Bowl wins, there was never a doubt that they would come back and win. They edged out the San Francisco 49ers in overtime (second OT game in Super Bowl history) 25 to 22.

And speaking of predictable, it seems like President Joe Biden knew how the game was going to end all along, and his official X (formerly Twitter) account posted this message and meme:

“Just like we drew it up.”

Umm…some of the other “NFL is rigged” theories didn’t come true to this year, but when the President of the United States posts this, it’s certainly going to break back open all of the conspiracy theories.

In reality, Biden and his social media team (more like just his social media team) were just alluding to a TikTok that they posted before the game began. In the video, one of the questions that was asked for Biden to answer was:

“Deviously plotting to rig the season so the Chiefs would make the Super Bowl? Or the Chiefs just being a good team?”

President Biden, who was answering a number of rapid fire questions in the TikTok, answered that question by saying:

“I’d get in trouble if I told you.”

The video then cuts away to a “deep fried meme” of Joe Biden with laser eyes, as you can see in the clip below:

It was posted before the Super Bowl happened, so the meme was just referencing that video that was posted. However, a lot of people probably have no idea of that connection, and now think that President Joe Biden is actively and confidently bragging about rigging the Super Bowl.

What a great (and confusing) country we live in… the internet was understandably stunned.

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