A Man Who Calls Himself “Pro-Life Spiderman” Has Climbed To The Top Of The Las Vegas Sphere

Las Vegas sphere
KSNV News 3

It was only a matter of time before someone tried to scale the Las Vegas Sphere.

Nothing gets people’s attention like risking your own life to climb a building. That’s especially true when the thing you are scaling is already really good at catching eyes…considering it’s the largest spherical LED screen in the world.

Someone that goes by the name of “Pro-Life Spiderman” seems to be the culprit, which caused Las Vegas police to close down streets surrounding the venue and rush to the scene to figure out next steps. KTNV Las Vegas reported that Maison DesChamps, A.K.A. Pro-Life Spiderman, went live on his social media while he was climbing the structure.

And over 12 hours ago, he posted this onto his Instagram story, tagging the NFL and sharing a picture of an “abortion is murder” banner:

Everything adds up to DesChamps being the person behind this, as he’s done many stunts like this in the past. “Pro-Life Spiderman” once climbed a Chicago skyscraper in a sponsorship with Ultra Right Beer, and at last year’s Super Bowl, he scaled a building in Arizona in front of fans that had traveled there for the game.

So with this year’s “Big Game” being held in Las Vegas, this stunt is likely no coincidence. There’s no better way to make headlines than to climb up a structure that everyone is already talking about anyways. Though I feel like the Sphere was likely one of “Pro-Life Spiderman’s” toughest tasks to date.

You can view the video below, which gives insight into just how massive of an undertaking climbing the Las Vegas Sphere would be:

“The Sphere is the largest spherical structure in the entire world with a 580,000-square-foot exterior. The Sphere is a whopping 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide.”

As you might imagine, there has been a flurry of social media posts about the stunt, with comments and replies pouring in from people all over:

And it was eventually confirmed that it was Maison DesChamps who was behind the Las Vegas Sphere stunt. He was able to get down off the structure by going through the top, which apparently has some sort of access point to safely get back down to ground level.

“Pro-Life Spiderman” also shares why he climbed to the top of the Las Vegas Sphere in the clip below:

Reports have also revealed that the climber has been taken into custody. A spokesperson for Sphere Entertainment put out this statement:

“We are grateful to the local authorities for their support in this matter. The individuals involved are currently in the custody of LVMPD.”

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