Man Free Climbs Arizona Skyscraper In Front Of Super Bowl Crowds

Climber Arizona

My heart is pounding, my hands are sweating, my head is hurting…

Thousands of people have made the trip to Arizona for Super Bowl LVII where the Philadelphia Eagles are taking on the Kansas City Chiefs, and while Eagles fans are know to get quite out of hand, what one man did today easily tops all of that.

In videos posted to Twitter, we can see a man climbing the Chase Building in downtown Phoenix while a crowd of people gathered to watch. He did so by wedging himself in a crevasse that runs from the ground all the way to the top, using only his hands and feet to make it all the way to the top of the 40 story building.

There are reports that he is Maison Des Champs, also known as the “Pro-Life Spiderman,” but this is still unconfirmed.

Take a look at this sight… my goodness I don’t know how someone does this.

Thankful that everyone is okay after this and no rescue workers had to get involved.

Is it cool? Yes, of course it is.

But is it also unbelievably stupid?

Yes, completely so…

Go Birds.

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