Maryland Governor Wes Moore Was Shotgunning Beers With Ravens Tailgaters Before The AFC Championship Game

Maryland governor Wes Moore Baltimore Ravens

Some politicians fancy themselves as “a man of the people.” It’s one thing to say it. It’s another to have the wherewithal to get in touch with the common folk with your boots on the ground, key-gash a can of cheap beer, and delete that thing down the hatch with fans of your local professional football team.

Check out Maryland Gov. Wes Moore making the rounds at the Baltimore Ravens’ tailgate on Championship Sunday, mixing it up and throwing down a brew at the swiftest of speeds (Taylor pun intended).

This will have Ravens simps rushing to post headlines or tweets that say, “RAVENS BY A MILLION!” as if this has any bearing on the outcome of the game. We’re getting quite a few juicy storylines right before kickoff, though.

The Kansas City Chiefs are in their sixth straight AFC title game, but this will be the first of those away from the friendly confines of Arrowhead Stadium. With a Super Bowl berth on the line, it’s been reported that Taylor Swift will attend the Big Game in Las Vegas if the Chiefs win.

T-Swift is dating legendary Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who had to fend off Ravens idiot kicker Justin Tucker from interfering with Patrick Mahomes’ warm-up routine. Baltimore is doing everything in its collective power on and off the field to ensure that their superstar quarterback, Lamar Jackson, gets a shot at the Lombardi Trophy to silence the haters once and for all.

Unfortunately, my Bengals were on the business end of last year’s AFC Championship Game loss. It only made matters worse when the mayor of Cincinnati made a joke beforehand about Joe Burrow taking a paternity test to determine if he was Mahomes’ father. I don’t have the heart to share the video. It’s of the maximum cringe variety. You don’t need to see that.

Point being: Gov. Moore did the right thing here. Don’t make some bold, public proclamation that could backfire. Talk is cheap. Get down there with the fellas at the tailgate and endear yourself to millions of Ravens fans across the globe via the action of imbibing in a most endearing fashion.

See? Encouraging people to wear a certain color to support the team is harmless. Much safer rhetoric. Whomever is Moore’s speechwriter/social media brainstormer is doing something right.

Gov. Moore actually mixed it up with Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis and made his way to M&T Bank Stadium afterwards to hype up a whole gaggle of attendees:

Even if the Ravens lose, you can’t convince me that Moore won’t be reelected when the ballots go out next. I checked. Maryland is one of the states that doesn’t have term limits for governor. Wes Moore might’ve locked up a lifetime tenure in a high seat of public office in the past several hours alone – even if he doesn’t know where the Kansas City Chiefs are located.

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A beer bottle on a dock