Maryland Governor Places Bet With Kansas Governor On Baltimore vs. Kansas City Game…But The Chiefs Play In Missouri

Baltimore Ravens Kansas City Chiefs
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Are you ready for some football?

After this weekend, we’ll know which two teams will be facing off in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas. But before we get to the “Big Game,” four teams still have to battle out on the gridiron for their respective conference championships.

On one side, you’ve got the Detroit Lions matching up against the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC title. On the other, the Baltimore Ravens welcome in the Kansas City Swifties Chiefs with an AFC championship on the line.

Both games are sure to be dramatic and competitive, and it does seem like most of America wants a certain Super Bowl matchup with the teams we have left (Lions – Ravens). If a popular conspiracy theory ends up ringing true, the Baltimore Ravens will face off against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl

It will undoubtedly be a high-stakes game between the Ravens and the Chiefs, and just for good measure, the governor of Maryland decided to up the ante a tad. Governor Wes Moore, representing the Baltimore Ravens, playfully called out the Governor representative for the Chiefs, saying:

“Thrilled to welcome Governor Laura Kelly’s Chiefs to Baltimore this weekend. Although, Governor, I really think my Ravens are going to take this one–want to make a bet? I’ll put up some crab pies from Crust by Mack, whatcha got?”

That’s all in good fun, but there’s only one problem with Governor Moore’s message…he sent it to the wrong governor.

In a classic United States mix up, Maryland’s governor assumed that Kansas City was in the state of Kansas. However, geography nerds will know that there are actually two Kansas Cities, with one being in Kansas and the other being in Missouri.

Arrowhead Stadium, where the Kansas City Chiefs play, is actually located in Kansas City, Missouri. So Maryland’s governor accidentally proposed a challenge to the wrong state’s governor, though it a very easy mistake to make (and the two cities are technically one large metropolitan area).

Despite the mix up, Kansas’ Governor Laura Kelly still sent a message back to accept the challenge, and quite literally increased the stakes (or steaks) of the bet by saying:

“You’re on, Governor Wes Moore! With six straight AFC Championship appearances and Taylor Swift on our side, I’m confident the Chiefs will pull through.

I’ll bet you Creekstone Farms’ Premium Black Angus steaks that Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce bring home the Lamar Hunt trophy again.”

Well…I hope the two governors have fun with their bet, and to be honest, crab pies and premium steaks don’t exactly seem like fair wagers in my humble opinion.

Of course, politics may have also played a role in why Moore chose to reach out Kelly instead of Missouri governor Mike Parson: Moore and Kelly are both Democrats, while Parson is a Republican.

So maybe Moore just wanted to keep the bet within the same party. Or maybe he really didn’t know which state the Chiefs played in…

If that’s the case, maybe next time Maryland’s governor will use Google Maps to double check the location of the NFL team he proposes a friendly bet against.

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