There’s A 25% Chance Muscadine Bloodline Has A Song With Grimace From McDonald’s Coming Out Soon

Muscadine Bloodline
Muscadine Bloodline


Muscadine Bloodline, as they seemingly always are, have been constantly putting out teasers of new music on social media every despite the tremendous 2023 the duo had which gave us Teenage Dixie and Teenage Angst

More recently they dropped the first two singles from their still unnamed upcoming project, “Weyerhaeuser Lane” and “Low Hanging Fruit”, which have set the table for another incredible album that will compete for top spot on our annual Top 40 country albums of the year list. (Teenage Dixie clocked in at number two in 2023).

Well, they recently announced that another song is coming out on February 2nd, but this one will be a little bit different as it’s a collaborative effort.

Naturally, the internet ran wild with guesses on who the silhouetted figure could be and today the Alabama boys narrowed it down a bit further for us, giving us a short list of 4 potential artists that will be joining them on the track.

“A lot of good guesses yesterday for the feature on our new song coming out Feb. 2nd. We’ve narrowed it down for you. Who y’all got in the comments?”

Obviously, I would be pumped up about a Koe Wetzel, Kolby Cooper, or Drayton Farley feature, but that fourth option got me thinking…

Can you imagine if McDonalds hopped on with the boys and got Grimace spitting bars?

If you aren’t aware, Grimace is the purple creature that the internet loves for some reasons. In fact, he regained so much popularity that McDonald’s brought back the Grimace Shake last year, which I refused to have, but hey, I guess some people loved it.

Yes, I know this is a joke, but come on guys, wouldn’t that be great? They’d probably have to change the line in “Evinrudin'” from:

“I got a Hardee biscuit waiting on me calling my name”


“I got an Egg McMuffin waiting on me calling my name”

In all seriousness, whether it’s going to be Koe, Kolby, or Drayton on their upcoming release, it’s safe to say it’s going to be a good one considering how great another one of their collaborations was a few years back…

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