Muscadine Bloodline Tease New Song Paying Homage To The Great Turnpike Troubadours

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Wales Toney

Muscadine Bloodline released a ton of music this year, and luckily for us, they’re going to keep this train rolling on.

The dynamic Alabama duo of Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton has been prolific in 2023, releasing one of the best albums of the year in February’s Teenage Dixie, and following it up with their spectacular Teenage Angst cover EP a few months later in June.

As if that weren’t enough, they confirmed that they were already in the studio working on their next album shortly thereafter, and at the beginning of November, released the first two singles with “Low Hangin’ Fruit” and “Weyerhaeuser Land.”

If those two tracks are any indication of what’s in store with this next album, then it’s obvious Muscadine Bloodline is showing no signs of letting up, and is going to continue their reign as one of the most prominent independent acts in the industry.

In addition to making incredible music, one of the ways in which they have built their empire is on their social media presence, always sharing covers and unreleased tunes to keep the fans excited for new music.

A few days ago, Muscadine Bloodline teased a new one titled “Tickets to Turnpike,” and I sure hope this ode to the greatest band of all time, with whom Muscadine has shared the concert bill with on several occasions, makes it onto the album.

Check out the teased clip of the song below.

Now, in a personal side note that can’t help but mention here, since Spotify Wrapped was just released, Turnpike was my top band once again, and Muscadine Bloodline was right behind them at number two this year, so hearing my second most listened to artist name dropping the first in this way is pretty cool.

Hopefully I can catch these two together at the same show or at a festival before too long, and you should too.

Turnpike just announced the initial stops on their 2024 schedule, and Muscadine Bloodline added a few to their already announced schedule as well.

And if you haven’t heard Muscadine Bloodline’s latest singles yet, I suggest you change that.

“Weyerhaeuser Land”

“Low Hangin’ Fruit”

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