Bills Fans Bodyslam Detroit Lions Fan Through Flaming Table, Accidentally Light His A** On Fire

Detroit Lions fan jumping through flaming table

What the hell is in the water (or snow) in Buffalo?

It’s probably safe to say that there isn’t a crazier, more safety-averse fan base in all of sports that would be able to hold a candle to Buffalo Bills fans. And I guess you could replace “candle” with “flaming folding table” right there so the saying is more accurate…

Snow has continued to pummel Buffalo’s Highmark Stadium, but it seems as though the wintry precipitation has only made Bills fans stronger. Droves of loyal Bills fans have marched into the stadium every single day to get paid $20 an hour to shovel snow, and it’s a good thing they are, because otherwise their stadium wouldn’t be ready to host the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Bills’ Wildcard playoff matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend was postponed a day because of the bad weather, and the decision was made with the “safety and well-being of Buffalo Bills fans.” That’s great and all, but you should never try and protect Bills fans. They’ll always find a way to put themselves in danger.

Don’t believe me? Well, last week at the postponed game, Bills fans were staying warm by lighting folding tables on fire and jumping through them. They’ve also strangely been participating in “human sacrifice” of sorts, having at least one fan before every game jump into the pit where their new stadium is being built.

The flaming tables were apparently a hit last week (literally), so deranged Bills fans decided to continue lighting folding tables on fire before their divisional matchup against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. It’s always been obvious that Bills fans cheer for their team like they have a “fire lit underneath them,” but this video took that to a whole other level.

Per the tradition of a Buffalo Bills tailgate, fans were circled around a white folding table, which is there only to be jumped through at some point before the game. This time though, this group of Bills fans upped the ante, and lit the surface of the table on fire like a hibachi grill.

Then, a man wearing a Detroit Lions shirt that one could only hope volunteered to do something like this was body slammed through the table by another man from the raised bed of a truck. The bodyslam alone looked incredibly painful, though the pain really started when the man noticed that his ass (pants and all) was on fire.

Bills fans once again showcased their teamwork as they worked together to put out the butt fire, and it was absolutely hilarious. Check it out:

Should’ve used some beer to put those flames out

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock