“Bills Mafia” Continues To Be The Best Snow Removal Team In The State Of New York

Bills fans

When it comes to Buffalo Bills fans, no table goes unbroken, and no pile of snow goes un-shoveled.

As the Bills prepare to host their second playoff game of the 2023-2024 NFL postseason, they continue to be hit with massive amounts of snow. That’s a relatively normal thing for Buffalo, New York.

What isn’t normal, or what at least doesn’t seem normal to non-Buffalo residents, is how excited all of the Bills fans are to help shovel snow at Highmark Stadium.

Before the Bills’ first game against the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend, there was so much snow that fans reportedly shoveled all through the night. And as you can see in the clip below, there were still some parts of the stands that weren’t completely cleared:

How does Highmark Stadium handle these large winter storms that leave their stadium’s seating packed full of snow? Do they hire a special snow removal team? Do they plan on building a new stadium that’s indoors?

If you consider random Bills fans that B.T.O.S. (Bring Their Own Shovels) a “special snow removal team,” then yes, that’s how they handle it. Oh, and by the way, they are building a new stadium, and no, it will not have a dome over it to protect itself from harsh winter elements.

The Bills put out posts like these below and offer to pay any fan that can make it to the stadium to help out $20 an hour:

Some online have criticized the Bills for depending on their fans to get their stadium ready for games, and to that, myself and many others simply respond with this: Shut the hell up (respectfully).

Bills fans showing up in droves to shovel snow for $20 bucks an hour is what sports are all about. Why are residents in Buffalo, New York willingly doing hard labor in bitter cold temperatures? Sports, that’s why.

This gives people a chance to feel like they are truly a part of the team, and when they are the reason why the Bills and their fans can pour into the stadium on game days during the brutal winter of Buffalo, they basically are a part of the team.

And as you can see, Bills fans are more than happy to do it:

Buffalo does, in fact, rock.

And I’ve got a feeling that the stadium will be rocking when the Kansas City Chiefs come into town on Sunday night with a spot in the AFC Championship on the line.

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