Hawk Drops A Snake Right Into Australian Family BBQ

Hawk drops snake on BBQ
Hawthorn Football Club

Nothing like throwing some fresh snake on the barbie…

A hilarious video from Melbourne, Australia shows a family having their nice BBQ next to the Yarra River interrupted by one of the weirdest wildlife scenes imaginable.

It started as nothing more than a beautiful day. Getting some fresh air, spending time with each other, maybe seeing some wildlife, what else could you want? But that perfect day changed quickly when a hawk started making some passes over the water right in front of them, moving closer with every swoop.

Turns out, there was a snake by a nearby path and the hawk was eyeing it up. It made its move, much to the amazement of the unsuspecting family, but here’s where things went downhill…

The hawk decided midflight it wasn’t hungry anymore (or just wanted to stir the pot) so while it was flying right over the top of them, it dropped the snake right in the middle of the group, which as you can imagine caused quite a stir.

Snakes on the ground suck, but flying through the air? No thank you.

No one was hurt, thankfully, and it was all captured on camera or very few people would believe them, and all ended well, but man that’s going to be a story they tell for a long, long time.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock