Buffalo Bills Fans Jump Through Flaming Table Ahead Of Game That Was Postponed To Keep Them Safe

Buffalo Bills fans

How are Buffalo Bills fans staying warm ahead of the snowy, freezing Wild Card matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers? They’re jumping through flaming folding tables, of course!

Buffalo and Pittsburgh were originally supposed to face off on Sunday, January 14th, but Mother Nature and New York Governor Kathy Hochul had other plans.

Buffalo got slammed with snow and blistering cold temperatures, and out of the best interest of all sports fans’ safety, and in accordance with a travel ban impacting the area, the game was postponed.

Many football fans were angered by the decision, saying that the NFL world was being robbed of a “good, old fashioned snow game.”

I love snow football as much as the next guy, but judging by some of the images and videos coming out of the Bills’ Highmark Stadium (and the travel ban for Buffalo, New York that was issued yesterday), it was likely the right call:


Pushing the game back was a great idea, right? No one in the world values safety and well-being more than Buffalo Bills fans. They would never want to put themselves in harm’s way in order to watch a football game.

Oh wait, that’s right…there’s probably no one in the world that views their safety more flippantly than Bills fans. They’re the ones who literally risk their lives every tailgate jumping from great heights and depending on their falls to be broken by folding tables.

And because you are supposed to amp up the stakes and energy in the postseason, Bills fans decided to “up the ante” of their usual table breaking, and decided to jump from a towering snow mound onto a folding table…that was on fire.

Take a look:

Thank goodness the game was postponed. No one would want a Bills fan to get hurt while traveling to the game.

Once they’re at the game though, or at least in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, injuries are welcomed and encouraged. Especially if they’re as a result from cannonballing onto a flaming folding table.

Never change, Bills fans…

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