Former Packer Mark Chmura Says Green Bay’s Key To Beating San Francisco Is A “Late Hit” On 49ers QB Brock Purdy

Mark Chmura
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As the old saying goes, if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.

Would inciting violence in order to win a football game be considered cheating? Well, football is already a very violent sport, so being a little more aggressive in order to better your chances of winning isn’t all that bad of an idea… right?

It’s just an idea that you probably don’t put out in the open, like former Green Bay Packer Mark “Chewy” Chmura did on his radio show Jen, Gabe & Chewy. The former tight end was talking about the upcoming playoff game that the Packers have against the San Francisco 49ers (after the Packers embarrassed the Dallas Cowboys in the Wildcard round), and decided to throw out his personal plan of attack.

“Chewy” related it back to his playing days when Green Bay had to go out to San Francisco in the 1990’s, and suggested that the current Packers squad should adopt the same game plan the 1995 team had when they upset the 49ers:

“The reason we won in 1995 when no one gave us a chance in San Francisco is because we intimidated them. I always revert to Wayne Simmons, (he) kicked the crap out of Brent Jones. And then it got contagious, and then it carried over.

That’s why…you guys are going to think I’m crazy, a 15-yard penalty, and I don’t condone this but I kind of do in the playoffs. A 15-yard penalty for a late hit on Brock Purdy is not a bad thing, as long as its worth it.”

Interesting theory…

Unofficially, the idea of intentionally getting a 15-yard roughing the passer/unnecessary roughness penalty to “set the tone” is not that bad of an idea. Especially since Brock Purdy is viewed as undersized and in the past has not been the best at handling pressure.

Officially, you simply can’t have that be your defensive scheme. That’s some “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons levels of scheming, and though it could help the Packers win the playoff game, it wouldn’t be seen as sportsmanlike.

Chmura’s take wasn’t really accepted with open arms by his co-hosts, so he had to try and back up his own argument:

“I’m just saying. This is the mindset that you go into when it’s battle. It’s kind of like the reverse of hockey. What don’t they do in hockey in the playoffs? They don’t fight.

This is kind of like…sometimes a 15-yard penalty is worth it. Early on in the game, if you knock the living crap out of the guy, and then he is like ‘I’m seeing ghosts.'”

Some very interesting points from the former Packer. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Green Bay decides to go with the “rough em’ up” strategy for their game on Saturday, and if I’m Brock Purdy, I’m fully preparing to stop, drop and roll anytime a defensive player comes my way.

You can view “Chewy’s” hot take in the clip below:

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