‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Calls Out Young People Struggling In Current Economy: “Oh Please, Get A Job”

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The View

ABC’s daytime talk show The View is in the news cycle again…

Not for actually providing any news. That’s not their thing. They just usually present news from elsewhere, and then the panel of hosts give their views on it. Hence, why it’s called The View.

One of the staples of the talk show is host Joy Behar, who has been on the show since 1997 and is the only original host that is still on the program. She often gives some fiery, borderline controversial takes on The View, and today she continued that streak.

The show was discussing a report that stated Gen Z (people born in between 1997 and 2012) felt as though they have been “left behind” by the current state of the economy. And by “current economy,” the report means high interests rates and high prices in general (shoutout inflation).

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin opened up the conversation by hitting on some important points about the younger generation:

“They are not hitting the milestones the way every generation before them did. They’re owning homes at a lower rate, this is wild.

Forty-five percent of people between 18 to 29 still live with their parents. They feel left behind by the economy, and they also see everybody trying to not age.”

All of those things are relatively factual, and with that many young people living with their parents, that’s either a sign that Gen Z really doesn’t like to work hard, or that times are actually rather tough out there for younger people getting their lives started.

Some of the panelists of The View had some sympathy with Gen Z, but television host Joy Behar had other plans. She decided to go off on the young people of the world, saying:

“Oh please, get a job. There’s a million job openings in this country. Get a job.”

After Behar got finished dismissing the notion that Gen Z-ers could use some help, other co-hosts jumped in to defend the younger citizens of the country, stating that they’ve lived through “the worst of times” as they’ve tried to get their lives together during a global pandemic.

Behar’s response?


You can view the video of a group of people who talk on TV for a living discuss how other people should work hard and get jobs below:

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