“News To Us” – Jason Sudeikis Baffled After ‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Said She Was Offered Role In ‘Ted Lasso’

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Someone from The View acting like they know more than they actually do and not being totally honest? Who could have seen that coming?

Joy Behar has been on The View for a long time, and she’s gone viral many times for being ill-informed or getting the facts wrong on certain things. No big deal though, since she only helps host the number one daytime talkshow on television (I’m being sarcastic in case you can’t tell).

In her most recent lie, she apparently made up a story about being asked to be on the popular Apple TV show Ted Lasso. Behar recently said that she was offered to play the role of the mom of Ted Lasso (played by Jason Sudeikis).

On the Behind the Table podcast, Behar was asked if the she had, in fact, been offered the role of Lasso’s mom Dottie. The role eventually went to Becky Ann Baker (and she won an Emmy for it), but Behar said she was offered the part first, and declined it.

Her reasoning? Well, she said it was going to be “too hot” in London:

“It was too hot, you remember? There was a heat wave going on at that time, like 100-degree weather, and I’d have to get on a plane and go in the middle of the heat? No.

Listen, I’m a writer, I write my own stuff, I don’t care about other people’s stuff. I don’t need to be in everything.”

Turning down a role in one of the more popular shows of the twenty first century because of a heat wave? Sounds about right for Behar…

But as it turns out, her being offered the role might not have ever happened. Ted Lasso stars Jason Sudeikis (writer/star) and Brendan Hunt (show co-creator/star) were asked about whether or not Behar was offered the important role at a Ted Lasso event, and according to People, they collectively answered by saying this:

“I…no. Joy Behar from ‘The View?’ Respectfully, it would be news to us.”

Hmm…you would think that Ted Lasso’s co-creator (Hunt) and the writer and star of the show (Sudeikis) would have had some idea about Behar being offered a critical role in their show.

Maybe Behar was hoping that no one would ever look into it?

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