Shane Smith & The Saints Release “All The Way” As Latest Single From Upcoming Album ‘Norther’

Shane Smith
Shane Smith & the Saints

Shane Smith laying down a love song.

Shane Smith & the Saints surprise dropped the latest track off their forthcoming album Norther, and the sweet piano ballad will choke you up this Wednesday. “All The Way” highlights the ups and downs of a long relationship and how you stand by your love no matter what is thrown at you.

“‘All The Way’ is more than just a song to us—it’s a journey. Co-written with my wife, it’s a departure from our live-show sound, but its timeless feel makes it one of our favorites.

Lauren had been re-listening to Johnny Cash’s last album before he’d passed away, and she brought up the concept of doing a Johnny Cash-inspired lullaby. The concept of enduring love resonated deeply, much like our grandparents’ 60+ year marriages and our journey since age 15.

We kept the recording simple and completely broken down, with me singing and our producer Beau Bedford on piano.. like a lullaby you can repeat without much distraction away from the story and the lyrics. We’re beyond proud and humbled to get to share it with everyone and hope that it connects with all of you in a deep and meaningful way.”

Accompanying the sweet track, Shane Smith & the Saints had been asking fans to submit home movie clips for a music video, and with the single’s release, it was revealed the submissions were for this track. The vintage-inspired video highlights clips of love that have lasted over the decades and makes the already meaningful song hit harder.

The stripped-back melody highlights Smith’s soft yet strong vocals as he gingerly delivers the loving lyrics.

“But I’m still yours and you’re still mine
Through the fading ends of time
Despite burdens deep below
I’ll be with you as you go
All the way, Lord all the way
I’ll be with you all the way…”

Johnny Cash would be proud to listen to this song that he inspired. This is a refreshing tempo change compared to what Smith typically releases, and I already can’t get enough.

If this doesn’t get you fired up for what else Norther has to offer, I’m not sure what will. Turn this one up; you’ll instantly fall in love.

Shane Smith & The Saints Set To Make Their Grand Ole Opry Debut This Spring

The Grand Ole Opry is kicking off 2024 with some great acts set to debut on the historic stage.

Right off the heels of Treaty Oak Revival announcing their Opry debut, another Texas act let fans know they will be soon taking the stage. And boy, do these guys deserve some time in the circle.

Shane Smith & the Saints are set to make their Grand Ole Opry debut on March 26th, shortly after the release of their forthcoming album Norther. 

“It’s an honor to announce our debut performance at the legendary Opry. See you in Nashville on March 26th!”

Shane Smith & the Saints have been a popular name on the Texas scene for quite some time, but they have blown up even more over the last few years, due in part to their appearance in Yellowstone. But more than that, it’s their work ethic and quality of music that making this appearance more than deserving. It’s also refreshing to see the Opry line up artists who have been gaining the respect of the country music collective for their time on the road take the stage.

Shane Smith & the Saints are true road warriors, leading them to this exciting and honored moment in their career. I can’t wait to see these boys in the circle.

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