Treaty Oak Revival Announces Their Grand Ole Opry Debut

Treaty Oak Revival
Treaty Oak Revival


Treaty Oak Revival has had a knock-out year. From the continued success of their debut album capturing the hearts of fans, they released their sophomore album, Have A Nice Day, which was a massive success.

If people hadn’t heard of Treaty Oak prior to listening to their new album, it feels like they became instant fans. With it landing on the Whiskey Riff’s Top 40 Albums of the Year list and coming out in December, you know it has to be good to resonate with listeners that quickly.

The dream keeps getting better for the West Texas natives as they announce they are set to make their Grand Ole Opry Debut.

“We’ve been keeping it under wraps for a while, but we are beyond excited and honored to announce that we will be making our Opry debut on February 6th!

This has been a longtime dream come true for us, and we would love it if y’all came out to support, as we take our first step in the circle where so many legends have stood before us! See you there.”

Their rock and roll sound will shake up the Opry stage as they show the Nashville crowd how it’s done from the Lone Star State.

I can only imagine that the Opry crowd will be a little more tame than their usual concertgoers, but the energy that they bring to the stage will be electric as it always is.

This is well deserved for the group, and I can’t wait to see them grace the historic Grand Ole Opry stage come February 6th.

I’m closing out this with a slight edit to their “See You In Court” lyrics:

“If there ain’t nothing left to report, Well then b*tch I’ll see you at the Opry.” 

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