13-Foot Saltwater Crocodile Eats Dog, Attacks Houseboat, Then Gets Captured By Australian Wildlife Officials

Giant croc attacks boat
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You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

The apparent sequel to the 1975 classic film Jaws happened in real life this past week in Australia, and instead of a shark being the main character, it was an aggressive, 13-foot-long crocodile. According to the press release that was put out by the Queensland Department of Environment, the croc was basically public enemy number one in the area:

“A large crocodile that was behaving aggressively around boats and reportedly lunged at the resident of a houseboat in the Cardwell Marina has been captured in a baited trap.

The targeted animal was reported to the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation in April after scaring the houseboat resident, and it was also reported to have taken a dog. Wildlife officer Ella Meeve said due to its large size, the crocodile must be dealt with as an ‘icon crocodile’ under Queensland’s conservation laws.”

It is believed that the saltwater crocodile was in the marina and interacting with people (and allegedly eating dogs) because it had either been intentionally or inadvertently fed by humans in the area. There’s also an assumption that the crab traps that are located within the marina drew this croc, and another sizable one that had been captured a week prior, into the marina.

Boaters in the Cardwell Marina can hopefully rest assured now knowing that the 13-foot crocodile is out of the water. If the reports are correct, it was on quite the terrorizing tour, especially if it managed to take out one person’s dog (R.I.P. to that pupper). The croc threatening someone standing on a large house boat was evidently the last straw for those in the marina, and thankfully wildlife officials were able to move in and capture it before it could do any more harm.

The footage below shows the troubles that the Queensland Department of Environment officials had to go through to securely bring in the massive crocodile. It wasn’t getting into the boat without a fight, which is all the more reason that it should have been removed from the water.

Since it is considered an “icon croc” because of its size, the relocation process will be a little complicated for the wild reptile. All that matters though is that the 13-foot beast can no longer strike fear in the people that call Cardwell Marina home… or at the very least a place they keep their boat.

You can view the terrifying capture video (if you dare) below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock