Tennessee Titans Bring A Familiar Face Back To Broadway To Help Unveil 2024 Schedule

Tennessee Titans
Tennessee Titans

Once again, the Titans may have had the best schedule reveal of the year.

Yesterday, the Tennessee Titans released a video hilariously asking folks on Broadway to help them announce what the 2024 NFL schedule looks like. And they enlisted a familiar face…

But first, a little backstory. Last year, the team unveiled their 2023 schedule by asking visitors in downtown Nashville to identify NFL team logos. And what is one thing you are sure to get when you ask some tipsy folks to identify team logos? Some new franchise opportunities.

Yep, you heard that right. One patron identified the Atlanta Falcons logo as the “Red Stallions,” and the NFL team hilariously changed its Twitter name and bio, so it’s pretty much official.

Falcons Twitter

Her assumption on their logo was a smash hit, so much so that they brought her back for 2024 to help reveal the Titans schedule – this time by asking visitors to describe NFL teams in three words.

If you haven’t seen it yet or need a refresher, take a pause to watch the first go-around now.

For 2024 it seems they found people who are at least a little knowledgeable about the NFL. One man identified the Buffalo Bills as “they break tables,” the Miami Dolphins were identified thanks to Alix Earle’s boyfriend, Braxton Berrios, and the Houston Texans were notable because “they have fans?” (They don’t).

The Texans note is honestly such an underrated part of the video. Wild response.

Oh, and Kirk Cousins got two shoutouts, with participants slamming both the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Commanders (the Washington Redskins at the time) for releasing him when they shouldn’t have.

The Tennessee Titans might sometimes look rough on the field, but their social media team is SHINING with this bit.

These comments sum up how incredible this series was. God bless the people of Lower Broadway.

“Shoutout to the fans on Broadway that made all this possible.”

“Shoutout for bringing back Red Stallions Queen for this.”

“Titans are 2 for 2 on their NFL schedule release.”

“LOL!! Best Social Media Team In The League.”

“We’re so back.

Of course, being from Nashville, this comment drives home what Titans fans hope to see in the 2024 season.


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