Cougar Runs Right Up To Washington Family Sitting In Their Backyard

KGW News

Talk about a close call.

A Washington family is counting their blessings after a big cat got dangerously close to their home while they were relaxing outside. Security camera footage shows a sizable cougar sprinting out of the woods after the family’s cat, and the small feline led the big feline right to the steps of the family’s house.

It’s not out of the ordinary for a cougar to be wandering around in Washington state. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife estimates that almost 4,000 cougars call the state home, so there’s obviously going to be some human-big cat interactions from time to time.

However, its usually not normal for a wild animal of this size to approach humans. The rule of “they’re more scared of us than we are of them” usually applies, but a runaway pet cat complicated this situation a bit.

The cougar came crashing out of the wooded area adjacent to the backyard chasing after the smaller cat (and passed up on some chickens that could have been easy meals), and the pet inadvertently led the wild animal right to the Havener family as they lounged and washed cars outside their home.

Security cameras captured it all on video, showing the cougar sliding to a stop just feet away from a young girl, her mother, and their dog. The big cat came to a stop momentarily by a vehicle, and just on the other side was the dad and another individual. Long story short, the cougar ran itself right into the middle of a bunch of people.

The big cat quickly became spooked after the dad began to scream to deter it from his wife and daughter running into the safety of the home. Greg Havener, the father of the household, had this to say about the encounter when he talked to KGW News:

“We couldn’t even process what happened until afterwards. We went and looked at the video and looked at the different angles and saw what everyone was doing. (Now I’m) worrying about the kids in the yard in the future.”

They’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for big cats running through their property from here on out. But I’m sure they’re thankful that no one (including their animals) were not harmed when the cougar dashed right to their doorstep.

You can view the security footage in the local news clip below:

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