Governor Kathy Hochul & The NFL Postpone Bills-Steelers Playoff Game Due To A Winter Storm Too Severe Even For Buffalo

Buffalo Bills
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When was the last time you heard about anything or anyone or any entity related to the Buffalo Bills calling something off on account of inclement weather? Apparently there’s a winter storm hitting Western New York on Sunday so severe that the Bills’ upcoming playoff tilt with the Pittsburgh Steelers is moving to Monday at 4:30 p.m. ET.

The game was supposed to kick off Sunday’s tripleheader action for Super Wild Card Weekend. Instead, we’re getting two games apiece for each of the next three days, which ain’t a bad consolation prize.

I still can’t believe snow is postponing a playoff game in Buffalo. Like, what? That city is as well-equipped as any in the country to deal with crazy weather. Based on some images that are surfacing online, I guess I get it. I’m assuming these are current images unless people are just being dumb.

IDK. Maybe the NFL was scared, too, that heavy underdog Mike Tomlin was about to pull up, run the ball down the Bills’ throats and somehow win with Mason Rudolph starting at quarterback opposite Josh Allen. Although the Steelers are a big, iconic brand in their own right, nobody wants to see them TJ Watt-less going up to Baltimore to get pummeled in the Divisional Round.

After all, we saw what happened the last time the Bills hosted an AFC North team in the playoffs…

Hehehe. OK sorry. Had to get a Bengals cheap shot in there. Not like Joe Burrow beat that Buffalo a** this season again or anything. Ugh. Moving on.

The elements are what can make playoff football such a singular experience. Those chilly temperatures and snowy conditions are meant to work in Buffalo’s favor. Speaking of the Watt family, let’s hear what JJ has to say on the matter — his words, not mine!

Can’t help but concur with this take. The reality is, if you play this game in the elements, there’s a better chance the Bills don’t win. Pittsburgh has Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris to pound the rock, and the disadvantage of not having Watt is less conspicuous. Alas, we’ll get friendlier conditions for the home team on Monday, which only helps Allen and the Bills’ passing attack.

I ultimately want to see the best, most deserving teams survive and advance for the most part. Then you have to factor in the safety of the fans. A travel ban is a serious thing. It’s sad, however, because this type of weather is what makes the playoffs so exciting. It’s win-or-go-home every week, and you can’t predict what Mother Nature may have in store!

Meanwhile, Buffalo’s AFC East foe, the Miami Dolphins, have to play in one of the coldest-temperature games in NFL history later tonight in Kansas City. LOL. If the Dolphins somehow win and advance further in the postseason than the Bills, that’ll only further fuel that rivalry. I’m so here for it.

I know facts like the one expressed in the tweet above will get in the way of this narrative — not to mention the pseudo-conspiracy I’ve posited about the Bills being scared to face the Steelers in bad weather — but don’t tell that to Miami fans. Or to me. Anything to spice up the animosity between the Bills and Dolphins is good in my book.

Some fun reactions out there about this whole ordeal. Enjoy!

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