Baby Humpback Whale Spotted Swimming Through California Marina

humpback whale
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You’re telling me that thing is a baby?

I’ve always been fascinated by whales. Just the fact there’s mammals swimming throughout the depths of the ocean that weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds while only eating little krill doesn’t compute in my mind and I often find myself dreaming about the day where I’ll be able to see some of these beasts for myself.

Well, some drone footage from Ventura, California came across my feed and it again planted in my mind the idea that whales may be the coolest animal on the planet.

It shows a baby humpback whale gliding playfully through a marina while a number of people watch on in amazement. The sheer size of this child and the grace that it’s able to move with truly doesn’t make much sense, but here we are watching it play out in front of us.

Of course, there’s always that one adventure seeker that’s trying to get a bit too close for comfort but fortunately in this case she didn’t get whipped by the tail and only got a bit wet when it turned and started swimming away.

I can’t recommend trying to pet a whale but I do get the urge to do so. Either way, what an incredible shot of one of these once endangered creatures.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock