Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart Team Up For New Installment Of ‘Most Borrowed Lighter’ Pre-Super Bowl Ad

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The iconic trio is back again.

Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have once again teaming up for a new installment of their 2023 pre-Super Bowl ad featuring the BIC EZ Reach lighter.

In 2023, they premiered their Most Borrowed Lighter commercial, after Martha and Snoop starred in a commercial called Pass It the year prior.

The NFL does currently have a ban on ads featuring cannabis, so they skirt the outright reference to weed, but it’s still pretty funny, nonetheless.

This time, Willie is seen on a video call with Martha and Snoop, where he tells them that his EZ Reach is perfect for “lighting bowls,” to which Martha responds cheekily:

“Of floating candles?”

They continue to discuss other options for use of the lighter, and Snoop points out that Willie is actually using one that belongs to him.

Willie says that he only “borrowed” it, though when Snoop says that he’s been “hard to reach” since Willie has taken the lighter, the connection suddenly becomes unstable.

The ad is already running on YouTube Sports and NFL channels ahead of the big game, though it won’t have an official slot during the Super Bowl on TV this year.

Katty Pien, BIC VP of Marketing, says this campaign has “transcended generations,” and provided real results in terms of sales of the lighter:

“This campaign transcends generations and we can see from the strong consumer engagement that it continues to resonate and drive sales.”

I mean, it’s hard to imagine a more iconic trio, especially when it comes to promoting a lighter for purposes such as the ones they name in the commercial below:

Last year’s installment of the ad campaign:

Willie has previously starred in some huge Super Bowl commercial slots, most recently a Skechers ad called Legalize in 2022:

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