Willie Nelson Teams Up With Skechers For Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial, “Legalize”

Willie Nelson might already have the best Super Bowl commercial of the year.

He’s teaming up with Skechers for an ad called “Legalize,” a play-off of Willie’s long-standing belief that marijuana should be legalized across the country. He even owns his own cannabis company, Willie’s Reserve.

Of course, in a handful of states, it is legal now, but they take the idea to another level in this ad.

After many years of getting arrested for minor drug charges, Willie just assumes things that make people feel better and more comfortable, like Skechers, are always illegal:

“Hi, I’m Willie Nelson. I thought of the legalization of the one thing that can bring comfort to millions… Skechers.

You see, Skechers shouldn’t be illegal. They help so many…”

The director calls cut, telling Willie that, of course, the tennis shoes aren’t illegal. Willie doesn’t miss a beat, replying with this:

“But they feel so good, I just assume the man mane ’em illegal…

Not even a little illegal? Like you can wear ’em to a concert, but not to a kids soccer game?”

The director insures him that he can, in fact, wear them anywhere, to which Willie says:

“Well, pass the Skechers.”

Yep, this one is gold.

Although Dolly Parton is also starring in a Super Bowl commercial, and those Budweiser’s ads always get me (and they are bringing them back for the big game this year), I think I’m already gonna go ahead and pick a favorite with this one.

It’s just too damn funny:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock