Billy Strings Debuts New Track “In The Clear” & It Needs To Be Dropped STAT

Billy Strings country music
Doug Heck

New Year’s Eve was a rocking time for those at the Billy Strings show in New Orleans.

Billy Strings was closing out the year playing some of his fans’ favorite tunes while teasing some new music he and his band have been working on. He first debuted his ode to NASCAR legend “Richard Petty,” which fans loved, and then he gave the crowd another treat with another brand-spankin’ new song called “In The Clear.”

“In The Clear” is so new that Strings taught his band the chords to the ditty only two hours before they took the stage:

“Like two hours ago or some sh*t before we walked out here. So, cut us a little slack. Nah, I’m just bullsh*ttin’… about cutting us some slack. But, I really did just teach this song to these fellers. “

He says to the crowd as he tunes his guitar to its correct key.

I need Mr. Strings to drop this song now. The upbeat tempo combined with the storyline of the lyrics makes this song one that I will have on repeat for the foreseeable future. The lyrics highlight a man who has been faced with hardships and is sitting in his car thinking about this life, pondering when he will find himself  “In The Clear.”

One line that sticks to me like glue is the chorus. Strings belts out the lines that make you think about what inspired it:

“They say heaven knows the road is slow
Lord, how the hell would heaven know?”

The intro to the chorus is then followed with:

“Just where am I supposed to go from here
How much longer now before I’m in the clear?”

This track combines the songwriting genius of Strings, which is often overshadowed by his unreal guitar-picking skills. This song combines both flawlessly. Put this one on a loop and enjoy the magic.

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