Billy Strings Debuts Unreleased Song Penned In Honor Of NASCAR Legend, “Richard Petty”

Billy Strings country music

I love this one already.

Billy Strings is tipping his cap, so to speak, to NASCAR legend Richard Petty with a new song named for him.

Strings played a show in New Orleans, Louisiana to ring in the New Year on December 31st, and apparently penned the song “Richard Petty” on his way down to UNO Lakefront Arena.

He addressed the crowd ahead of playin git, telling everyone that he had been thinking about some of his personal New Year’s resolutions and how he wants to “do something right” this year.

Strings added that the song was for anyone else who had big new goals for this coming year, and of course, for people who are “fans of Richard Petty.”

“I wrote this song Thursday on the bus on the ride down here. I was thinking, just about New Year’s, just about resolutions, you know, maybe trying to even take it a little seriously this time.

This year, I’m gonna do something right… I got to. This song is for anybody who’s trying to make a New Year’s resolution, or something like that, and also for folks that are fans of Richard Petty.”

And to that I say, who isn’t a fan of The King?

The racing icon and North Carolina native is tied at the most all-time NASCAR Championship titles at seven, in addition to having the most wins (200), most Daytona 500 wins (seven), most consecutive wins (10) and most starts (1,185), and the list goes on and on.

The chorus sums up the sentiment of the song better than I really can, though:

“One of these I’ll wake up
Tired of the life I’m living
And feel inspired
To get off my ass
And be on my way
One of these days I’ll wake up steady
And ready to go like Richard Petty”

A worthy goal, indeed.

I really hope we’ll eventually get a studio cut of this… check it out:

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