Orca Knocks The Sh*t Out Of A Dolphin (Literally) On Christmas Day In San Diego

Whale smashes a dolphin

Guess you can say the sh*tter was full…

On Christmas Day, while on the clear blue Pacific Waters just off the San Diego coast line, whale-watchers aboard a small 6 passenger craft were treated to more than they could have expected to see.

Dolphins and orcas share the area off the coast of California, and while at times it seems they can coexist, other times it seems that at least one of these species really doesn’t like the other.

Orcas, also called killer whales, have been known to attack dolphins, and sometimes play with their food a bit like a cat that cornered a mouse. This is exactly what we can see in the incredible video taken by Kyle Christensen aboard the Gone Whale Watching San Diego craft just a few days ago.

The clip starts with the orcas already in full ambush mode, bursting from under the water to toss a dolphin high up into the air, which will stun the mammal and let the orca swoop back in for an easy meal. It’s a really incredible shot but there’s an added thing in this video which shows the power orcas can hit with.

Unless you were really paying attention you may have missed it in the water spray and flying bodies, but after reading the caption and going back to rewatch it with a keen eye there’s no denying it; the dolphin got the sh*t knocked out of it.

“This dolphin got hit so hard it literally knocked the *poop emoji* out of it! If you look closely at the very beginning of the video, you can’t miss it! I wonder how many people on the beach realized what was happening just behind the waves!”

What a shot.

The fact these beasts swim so close to shorelines (and sometimes destroy boats) is really terrifying when you think about it and again makes me realize that us humans wouldn’t be top of the food chain if it wasn’t for all our fancy gizmos and gadgets.

Of all the ways to spend Christmas Day, I’d say this was a pretty memorable one for the people aboard the boat.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock