Sightseers Witness The Strength And Strategy Of Orca Hunt Off San Diego Coast

Orca whale

Some say sharks are the top predator in the ocean, but those people are forgetting about the aptly nicknamed killer whale.

Orcas are massive creatures that live in all oceans of the world, although populations are higher in the colder waters surrounding Antarctica, Norway, and Alaska. But as we see in this video, they are also very present off the coast of warm and sunny San Diego, California.

Captured by an ocean expedition company called Net Zero Expeditions, sightseers were treated to one of nature’s most breathtaking and beautiful sights when a pod of orcas zeroed in on some dolphins just a few hundred feet away from their boat.

Not only did the attack showcase the power of these creatures (the description said they can strike with the force of 450 combined professional boxer’s punches or a compact car hitting a wall at 37 miles per hour) but it put on display their brains, as the group coordinated a layered and timely attack to secure a meal.

Let’s read what the Expedition company had to say about the incident:

“Just off the coast of San Diego, we had the privilege to witness an extraordinary display of nature’s power, as an orca pod, the ocean’s apex predators, demonstrated their remarkable hunting strategy…

Beyond the display of sheer physical strength, the orca’s hunt exemplified a blend of might and intelligence, an intricate dance of survival finely tuned over generations. Particularly noteworthy was the presence of two calve orcas participating in the hunt. Although they did not engage directly, their involvement was crucial for learning the vital skills and techniques necessary for survival.

Observing this event was not merely a glimpse into the raw predation of the natural world; it was a moment of profound gratitude for being able to witness such a majestic and rare behavior.”

Brains, brawn, and beauty, wrapped up in an animal called the killer whale…

As awesome as the creatures of the land can be, it’s hard to escape the sheer size and lifestyles of those in the sea.

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