Fishermen Watch Coyote Send It Off Cliff, Swim Away Like Nothing Happened

Coyote jumps off cliffs in front of boat
Toby Wyatt

What in the….

Although they are quite good swimmers, coyotes prefer to stay on land. To see a coyote swimming would even be a rare encounter, but to see one cannonball from a massive cliff? Unheard of…

Maybe it’s just a case of right place, right time, but something tells me this is a once in a lifetime experience for these fishermen.

Much smaller than wolves, coyotes are really just wild dogs. A very medium sized animal that weighs on average around 30 pounds. Not huge by any means, but large enough to take out a lot of critters to feed them. In many areas they are a large nuisance to hunters, farmers, and homeowners and you can pretty much hunter them year around in most states. There is also no bag limit as these things reproduce quickly.

That being said, they are a beautiful animal though, their fur coat is always full and nice in color.

A group of fishermen were out on the water when they spot this lone coyote scaling up this very steep cliff face. Quite near the top, they lose of the little fella and assume that he safely made his way up to the top.

He didn’t…

The men are stunned as the coyote is seen tumbling near the top before pushing of the rocks of the large cliff. It pushes out just far enough to hit the water right at the cliff edge, and starts to swim away seemingly fine.

Back to the drawing board…

The men laugh as the coyote now tries to find its way out of the water and back up the cliff. It’s gonna be a pretty tall order for the coyote, who basically has to find a way to scale the steep wall, and you can tell it’s a bit panicked.

Not to mention, it has these bozos in a boat following it around as it tries to figure out what to do next.

A crazy scene nonetheless, you just hope the poor thing made its way back up safely.

Wisconsin Man Finds Remains Of Deer Who Fell Off A Cliff

A buck in the rut knows one thing and one thing only… chasing does.

It’s the one-time hunters have a slight advantage on these incredibly intelligent animals. Hoping they will slip up and make a mistake out chasing a woman.

There are certainly a few parallels between humans and nature. This is one of them. Although men might not be this extreme, I’ve seen some fellas make some stupid-ass decisions thinking they’re going to get a chance with a woman.

Never seen a man chase a woman off a cliff, though…

This poor buck did.

Our man is filming on a beach, I believe in Wisconsin, off the coast of Lake Michigan, looking up at a large cliff. He notices an absolutely beautiful mature buck dead on the ground and goes over to check him out.

He’s standing there wondering how on earth a buck this old, mature and smart made the decision to leap off of this cliff. Then he realizes.

“There’s another deer up here, I don’t see any horns. It must’ve been a doe and he was in the rut”

Sometimes it doesn’t take too much to figure out what went on.

That is the only real explanation for something like that to occur.

This is why we need to think with our heads fellas…

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