“Godd*mmit Frank!” – Man Messes With The Bull And Gets The Horns

Man gets hit by bull

In the words of Michael Scott, how the turn tables…

I’m pretty sure most guys have a dream of dropping whatever job they’re in and starting a ranch, but this video proves it’s definitely a bit harder than they make it look on Yellowstone.

We don’t know exactly where it takes place, from the trees in the background it looks like Florida, but regardless, it seems a man was either working on his roping skills or trying to move this fella from the pen, when the bull decided he’d had enough of the lassoing and started fighting back.

Before I start making jokes, I will completely acknowledge that I am an awful roper. Granted, I’ve only done it once while three sheets to the wind at the Grizzly Rose in Denver, but my goodness it was so difficult to actually get the loop around the plastic dummy’s head. Even the thought of getting it around a live animal doesn’t compute in my head.

Still, it’s safe to say this man didn’t look very confident in his abilities and it seems the bull noticed this, saw an opportunity, and took it.

The man throws the rope halfway around the bulls head and all appears normal for a second, but that second passes quickly and the chaos begins.

The bull jumps around the trough separating the two and charges the poor guy, putting his head right down towards his knee caps and running him towards the fence, where he eventually lifts the man up and powers him to the ground.

Obviously, this could be a very scary moment, but it quickly turns to funny when you hear the woman filming say:


And then things turn from funny to hilarious when the guy yells out:

“Goddammit Frank!”

I mean, I hope the guy wasn’t hurt or anything, but that is such a great reaction to being tossed by a bull named Frank. Yelling at him like a kid that dropped one of the delicate Christmas plates that Aunt Suzu passed down from her Mamaw is the most dad reaction you can have and I’ll have “Goddammit Frank!” on repeat in my head for the next week or so.

It’s also a good lesson to all those like me who think they can hop in a pen and cowboy it up. It’s way harder than it looks…

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