Tiger Woods Is Back As “Mac Daddy Santa”

Tiger Woods

Nothing gets the people going like Tiger Woods.

And if you liked the golfer version of Tiger, you’ll certainly love the Christmas edition of the G.O.A.T. that is simply referred to as “Mac Daddy Santa.” There’s a chance you’ve never heard of this alter ego version of the famous golfer, and that’s okay, because we’re going to get into it below.

There have been plenty of high-profile people that have played Santa Claus over the years. Tim Allen does a pretty good job in all of the Santa Clause movies and TV shows, and John Travolta has recently put on the beard and red suit in strange, Saturday Night Fever themed credit card commercials.

However, none have encapsulated the masculinity and “Christmas spirit” that Tiger Woods’ version of Santa has been able to accomplish. The public was first informed of the character when Woods posted a picture shirtless picture of himself in Santa Claus get-up back in 2016.

He posted the picture with the caption:

“Christmas tradition that my kids love. Mac Daddy Santa is back!”

And “Mac Daddy Santa” will apparently be back once more, except this time it looks like it will be with some sort of partnership with TaylorMade golf, who Woods has worked with for almost a decade now.

Following the end of Nike’s golf equipment production, Tiger Woods moved over to TaylorMade and started playing their clubs and golf balls in 2017. Now that his Nike clothing contract seems to be expiring (it’ll be weird to see Tiger without a Nike swoosh), Tiger could be looking into a different clothing partnership.

TaylorMade put out a teaser about the “Mac Daddy Santa” return earlier in the week, playing off of the famous “Return of the Mack” song by Mark Morrison:

And the actual return that we had all been waiting for finally happened with the release of the “Return of the Mac” video, which in my opinion, far exceeded any expectation that I had for the Tiger’s “Mac Daddy Santa.”

His original post of himself in the costume said that it was “a favorite of his kids,” and now that they are a little bit older (and his son Charlie is hitting bombs), I’d like to know what they were thinking when they saw their dad share “Mac Daddy Santa” with the rest of the world.

Check out the long awaited return of the golf world’s favorite version of Santa below”

Back in 2017, Tiger explained the motivation behind his Mac Daddy Christmas getup:

“It’s the best. Every year, I’ve become this character, Mac Daddy Santa. The kids absolutely love it. They love when I do something crazy, and last year I burned my face off trying to dye my goatee, which is never going to happen again.

You always want to see what I’m going to wear and to me, that’s fun. It provides something that our family does together each and every year, and even as they grow older, I’m still going to do it. And they’re still going to say, it’s me or ‘Dad, you look ridiculous,’ but it’s something they’re always going to remember for the rest of their lives.”

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