The Bull Who Roamed Free On NJ Transit Was Saved From The Slaughterhouse By An Animal Sanctuary

Bull on the loose in New York

Folks who depend on the New Jersey Transit system have my sympathies for the lengthy delays they dealt with on Thursday when a bull was running on the NJ Transit train tracks and had to be moved off before regular commuting travel schedules could resume.

One of the strangest scenes you could ever hope to witness in person. Already on Friday, we have a happy ending for this lova-bull — you’re welcome for that one! — named Ricardo: He gets to live out the rest of his days on more acres than he ever could’ve imagined, rather than being sent to slaughter:

Look at this majestic creature. He’s gorgeous, and he was just about to be sentenced to death with seemingly plenty of life left in him. For who? For what?

Don’t come at me sideways and in your feelings if you’re into hunting, or if you assume I’m a beta boy, or if you think I’m trying to make some political statement or some such sh*t. I’m merely passing along this information because I thought it was kind of delightful.

Instead of getting your bottom all chapped up, put aside all the animal agriculture/veganism/animal cruelty issues for just one second, whichever side you fall on, and look at this from a purely objective standpoint. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen more of a glow-up for any living thing than what this big guy just went through and did for himself.

There was no way Ricardo could’ve known for sure what awaited him prior to his escape, but some sort of survival instinct clearly kicked in. He just went from certain death, to blasting out of that situation on his own volition, to going viral across the Internet, to finding a peaceful, pleasant home that was far, far better (read: not fatal) than wherever he was previously dwelling. That’s a rather phenomenal reversal of one’s fortunes, all in about a day’s work.

Congrats to Ricardo on his successful fleeing of the slaughterhouse. If only he could fully comprehend the gravity of what he just pulled off, with a little Internet fame to boot!

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