Loose Bull On New Jersey Transit Causes Nearly Hour Delay For Trains Going Into New York City

Bull on the loose in New York

When farm life meets the city. I bet this was not on the commuters’ bingo card for the day.

It’s not every day that you see livestock loose in a city setting, and it is even more rare that you see livestock running around a train track. Today was a crossing of stars as a loose bull in Newark, New Jersey, was spotted on the New Jersey Transit train tracks.

Passengers of a train pulling into the station of the animal trotting alongside the train tracks, leading to a shutdown of the station.

As the primary goal was to capture the bull safely and return him to a safe environment, police responded to the call and were able to contain the bull in a temporary fencing enclosure.

Once they were able to contain the animal, he was given a mild tranquilizer so he could be removed from the train tracks and will be taken to a local animal sanctuary.

ABC 7 reported that they thought the bull could have escaped from a local slaughterhouse in Newark, but no official reports have come out about where the bull escaped from.

The incident caused the NJ Transit to shut down for 45 minutes delaying trains into New York City…which, you know, just pissed off all the already busy folks that commute daily into the city.

I can’t blame this bull for trying to hitch a ride to the Big Apple.

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