Tesla Releases “Break The Cybertruck” Video Amid Recall & The Internet Has All The Jokes


Now might not have been the best time for Tesla to release this “Break the Cybertruck” video…

The electric car production that Elon Musk has spearheaded over at Tesla has been exciting, but it’s clear that there are still some kinks to work out in the “car of the future.” Not only did a recent video show a prototype of the Cybertruck needed help getting freed from a slippery snow-covered incline by a gas powered Ford truck, there was also a massive recall for the electric car company.

Tesla announced that over two million cars sold between 2012 and 2023 (which is basically every Tesla vehicle sold in the United States) were recalled due to an issue with the Autopilot software equipped in the car’s technology.

U.S. safety regulators voiced their concerns about a safety issue with the software not making sure drivers were paying attention, and decided it was enough to warrant a recall after a two year investigation.

So as you might imagine, Tesla has been an easy target for criticism as of late. It might have benefited the social media team over at Tesla to “read the room” and not post the video that’s linked below, because that’s caused people online to pile on even more.

The clip features a couple of guys (who become out of breath very quickly) kicking and clubbing Tesla’s new Cybertruck in an attempt to break it. In theory, it’s supposed to show how durable and safe these new trucks are, but on social media, it just opened up a flurry of Tesla jokes.

First watch the video to see for yourself, and then we’ll get into the hilarious internet commentary:

I’m assuming they wanted people to watch that and say:

“Wow! I’ve got to get a Tesla Cybertruck now if it can withstand the kicks and aggression of a group of rogue, white males.”

It was that kind of sarcasm and more in the reply section of the post. Prepare to laugh at the expense of the Tesla Cybertruck:

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