Ford Truck Saves The Day After Tesla Cybertruck Gets Stuck On Snowy Incline


Well, this will probably be a Ford truck commercial in no time…

There’s been a lot in the news cycle recently about Tesla’s new Cybertruck, and most of it has actually been positive. For an electric vehicle, it’s supposed to have some of the world’s best towing capacity while also having Tesla’s patented acceleration ability.

Here’s a video of the Tesla Cybertruck showing off its 11,000 pound towing capacity (and it’s set to techno rock music so you know it’s badass):

How about that?

Tesla and Elon Musk probably wish that the video above was getting shared more than the one linked below, which shows a Tesla Cybertruck getting stuck in the snow and needing to be pulled out to safety by…a gas powered Ford truck.

With the Cybertrucks being advertised as a “electric, futuristic replacement for your pickup truck,” this footage below isn’t exactly ideal for the Tesla brand. In the clip, a prototype of the Cybertruck is carrying a very small payload (looks like a medium sized Christmas tree) up a moderate, snow-covered incline, and it is pretty clear it needs help.

The tires start spinning, and once it starts to dig into the ground, its as good as stuck. After a while, a gas-powered Ford truck was called in to help save the day, and simultaneously create an impromptu Ford commercial.

I can almost hear the deep voiced, Sam Elliott-type announcer saying:

“When your sissy friend decides to go electric, just know that you’ll be able to pull them out of harm’s way in your all new Ford F-150. Starting at $38,000 MSRP.”

And let’s be honest, you’ll probably see a lot more of these driving around California than you will around the farms of middle America.

Though many are blaming the small amount of weight that the Cybertruck is hauling, it’s more likely a software or tire issue, or even a driver error that is causing the high-tech truck to get stuck. The description on the video also points out that the Cybertruck doesn’t have tow points, nor does it have a locking differential.

“Cyber Truck getting recovered after sliding off trail at Corral Hollow ohv. No clue how he was so far off trail.

Info I received with the videos: RC version with traction control issues due to software problems, not aired down, no pickup points, no recovery points!”

Regardless, not a good look for the Tesla brand when a competitor’s truck is being used to pull yours out of the snow.

Take a look:

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