Black Bear Cubs Have The Time Of Their Lives Playing “King Of The Hill” On Backyard Trampoline

Bears jump on trampoline
April Haller

I don’t know a lot about trampolines, but I don’t believe they were meant to withstand the weight of four bears at once.

Despite that, this backyard trampoline in Avon, Connecticut was holding up pretty well as four black bear cubs jumped onto it and proceeded to have the time of their lives. Who knew that wild animals would have so much fun on trampolines?

There’s plenty of video evidence to back that up too. Whether it be a bison bringing down a trampoline, two foxes jumping around on the canvas of a trampoline, or a black bear getting catapulted off of one after getting tranquilized, wild animals are all about the entertainment a trampoline can provide.

Trampolines can also provide risk of injury, which is why your home insurance can be raised if you decide to put one up in your backyard. But hey, if people were worried about insurance hikes and didn’t buy trampolines, we wouldn’t have this black bear video now, would we?

In the clip, a woman and her young daughter look out their back window to see four black bear cubs climbing in and around the family’s trampoline. A couple of the small bruins have already figured out how to get inside the trampoline’s netting, while the others are busy battling against the thin mesh that is keeping them from joining in on the fun.

The woman filming can be heard saying:

“Oh, he is going to tear that up. Look, he is chewing it. Don’t you do that you little bear.”

A little over halfway through the footage, a makeshift game of “king of the hill” breaks out, and one of the black bear cubs goes tumbling off the raised up trampoline and hits the ground hard. The thud garners a reaction from the woman, but like the little girl says for much of the video, she comforts her mother’s concerns by saying:

“Momma, they’re just cubs. They’re just playing.”

And all of them were playing, except for one towards the back of the trampoline, who I am ready to deem as my spirit animal. While the other black bears tear at the netting and fight with one another, there’s one that is just laying on its back and getting cozy on the backyard trampoline.

Something tells me that this group of bear cubs will be back to this trampoline. Some of them to play “king of the hill” again, while the other laid back bear probably just wants to return to take the best nap of its life.

You can check out the hilarious video below:

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