Massive Bison Tests Out Trampoline & It Goes About As Well As You’d Expect It To

Bison jumps on trampoline

What happens when you get a 2,000 pound bison and put it on a bouncy trampoline?

That’s not a set up to a punchline of a joke, that’s a real question that was answered by this hilarious video. Seeing what kind of tricks and cool jumps a bison can do on a trampoline is one of those things you didn’t know you absolutely needed to see.

In fact, one could argue that anytime a wild animal interacts with a trampoline, it becomes a must see event. Thankfully, Whiskey Riff Outdoors is practically the world’s number one provider of “wild animal trampoline” videos.

It’s on our site that you can see an elk get stuck inside a netted trampoline, a tranquilized bear fall out of a tree and bounce up into the heavens off a trampoline below, and a pair of foxes discovering the endless joy that a trampoline can offer.

And for our latest installment in our “put a wild animal near a trampoline and see what happens” series, we’ve got this playful 2,000 pound beast giving the ole backyard, circular insurance raiser a try.

In the video, the bison walks up to the trampoline (which is already not in great shape) like it’s done so 1,000 times before. As it struts up to the woven polypropylene canvas, one can only hope that it’s going to do something just shy of an Olympic gymnast’s performance.

To be honest, the bison doesn’t disappoint. It first puts its front two hooves onto the trampoline, testing out the bounce-ability, then proceeds to scratch at the smooth and slick surface. When it tries to put all four of its legs back on the grass, it’s caught off guard by the propulsion of the trampoline, causing it to stumble a bit as it dismounts.

Naturally, this gets the one ton beast a little ticked off. So what does a bison do when it feels threatened or gets angry? It starts hitting stuff with its head, of course!

The bison revs up a bit, then starts rattling its horns against the outer metal of the above ground trampoline. Whoever is filming the bison’s interaction with one of mankind’s most dangerous inventions is laughing as if she’s watching the eleventh episode of Seinfeld‘s fourth season (specific, I know, but accurate).

As the bison climbs fully onto the trampoline, you can hear someone witnessing the hilarious event:

“I swear I’ll never put that together for you again.”

Anyone that has ever put together a trampoline knows how much of a (excuse my French) son of a b*tch it is, so that comment definitely came from someone who has been physically, mentally, and emotionally tested by backyard trampoline assembly. The bison then, once again, underestimates the slipperiness of the canvas, and face plants right into it as it falls down and off the trampoline.

The only thing really missing from the entire thing is the bison getting its ankle or wrist stuck in the springs on the outer rim of the metal frame. Anyone that’s “trampolined” before knows that’s a horrible experience to go through, but it’s also somewhat of a right of passage.

You can view the bison take on the trampoline in the footage below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock