Two Red Foxes Jumping On Trampoline In Colorado Is Sure To Brighten Your Day


There’s no denying that as human infrastructure spreads into places once fully inhabited by wildlife, there’s going to be some drawbacks, but we’ve also see a fair number of downright adorable videos when animals come face to face with human creations.

This grizzly bear seeing its reflection for the first time is one example and this moose family playing in a lawn sprinkler is another, but I may have just found the best example of wild animals truly enjoying something placed by people.

A Colorado woman took a video of two red foxes discovering the joys of a trampoline in her backyard some 15 years ago and to this day it holds up and is almost guarantied to brighten your day.

At first the two foxes are wrestling on the surface after climbing on top, but one of them suddenly stops after realizing that the ground has a bit of spring to it.

We’ve seen fox jump before, like when hunting field mice in snow, but we’ve never seen two animals go from foes to friends quicker and before you know it they’re bounding around the trampoline like two kids on summer vacation.

Here’s what the woman said who took the video:

“Here are a couple of wild foxes jumping on my trampoline. They were having lots of fun! 

BTW! I live in Colorado. YES, they are wild foxes… who lived in my backyard for a summer. I never saw them do this again, and never saw them again after the summer was over.”

Good thing she grabbed the video while she could because this may have been a once and done occasion for these guys.

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