Watch Whiskey Myers’ Beautifully Stripped Back Performance Of “Heavy On Me”

Whiskey Myers country music
Khris Poage

I could spend the rest of my days listening to Whiskey Myers acoustic and be so content.

Whiskey Myers’ acoustic shows have fully concluded, but I hope they do another run of these stripped-back sets because they are wild in the best way. We all know that the East Texas boys are some of the best in the business regarding southern rock, but the full-band acoustic tour amplifies their talents.

After their face-melting back-to-back nights at The Caverns, they hit Akron, Ohio, to do it all again.

During their set from Akron, one of my favorite videos that popped up was their performance from “Heavy On Me.” The person behind the camera has a prime view of the stage, being nearly at the feet of Cody Cannon and crew.

As the lights are shining from behind the whole band, it gives it an almost ethereal effect. Which is fitting, given Whiskey Myers will take you to church during their sets.

While Cody Cannon is typically in the limelight for the group, “Heavy On Me” shines a light on lead guitarist John Jeffers’ incredible voice. As he takes the lead on a few tracks, it gives the band another layer to their onion, having more than one lead vocalist at times.

I also think that having more than one person on vocals highlights the band’s cohesiveness. It’s not the Cody Cannon show; it’s the Whiskey Myers show. Jeffers’ raspy yet gentle delivery of the lines captivates the audience as you don’t hear much background noise, noting the crowd is dialed in.

“To what you got in store for me
Go on and give it to me
Go on ahead and put the heavy on me
Go on ahead and put the heavy on…”

The slightly stripped-back version highlights that hypnotizing guitar riff during the chorus, making you want to bob your head along to the melody.

“Heavy On Me” has to be a personal favorite off of Tornillo, and this version of the track makes me love it even more.

Here’s a full performance:

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