Humble Postgame Quote From Tom Brady Resurfaces After Mahomes’ SNF Meltdown Goes Viral

Tom Brady
New England Patriots

Patrick Mahomes lost his mind after not getting a call from the referees during Kansas City’s recent tilt with the Buffalo Bills, and people on social media have not been quick to forgive him for it.

It was a different Mahomes than the sports world has ever seen when an offensive offsides penalty likely cost the Chiefs a win against Josh Allen and the Bills. When the incredible, improvised touchdown play was called back, and Kansas City then failed to get a first down, Mahomes went nuclear on the referees for a penalty that was…called correctly.

And Mahomes’ “crybaby” response to the whole thing didn’t stop when the final whistle was blown. In a shocking showing of unsportsmanlike conduct (it was after the game so he wasn’t penalized), Mahomes ran to meet Josh Allen at midfield after the game and was still complaining about the call.

Allen could barely believe his eyes and ears when it happened:

All of the controversy and ridiculous behavior from the Kansas City Chiefs (remember, they were upset they were penalized for something that they definitely should have been penalized for) made some NFL fans think back to the days of maximum sportsmanship.

That, of course, means that people were longing for the days of Tom Brady once more, and realized that a rather similar situation happened in 2019 when Brady was quarterbacking the New England Patriots and faced off against none other than the Kansas City Chiefs.

In a close game, the Patriots recovered a Travis Kelce fumble and were driving down the field, down 23-13 to the Mahomes led Chiefs. Brady threw a check down pass to N’Keal Harry, and the wide receiver made some unbelievable moves along the sideline and dove into the end zone for a touchdown. Or so everyone thought…

The referees decided to rule Harry out of bounds, though instant replay clearly showed that the Patriots wide receiver never stepped out. After the play was ruled down inside the five yard line, New England was forced to settle for a field goal, and the game eventually ended with a final score of 23-16 in the Chiefs favor.

Take a look at the play the referees called out of bounds below:

Clearly a touchdown in that moment of the game could have changed the momentum, but instead, Kansas City benefited from a favorable call from the referees, as they have done for much of the last decade.

Tom Brady could have been furious and blind with rage after losing a close game where a referee’s call had such a large impact on the game (and was actually wrong). However, Brady went halfway out onto the field after the game and congratulated Mahomes, and then said this in his post-game presser when asked about the call:

“Yeah…it doesn’t happen very often. You know, it happens. We still had a chance and wish we could have scored there at the end…

Disappointing, but not going to feel sorry for ourselves. I think everyone thought it was a touchdown, they reviewed it, and we realized we couldn’t challenge it.”

A very mature way to handle a devastating loss, and lightyears away from how Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs handled their defeat. Brady swallowed his pride and took the loss, even with the refs making a horrible, incorrect, game-altering call.

Everyone has said Mahomes could be the “next Tom Brady,” but Patrick better watch this video below so he can truly follow along in his footsteps:

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