Since Patrick Mahomes Was Such A Sore Loser, Here’s An Entire Thread Of The Many Times Refs Bailed Out The Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes

Let’s get some caveats out of the way before we embark upon this Kansas City Chiefs bashing. Patrick Mahomes has carried himself like a true pro for the vast majority of his career. All the distracting off-field nonsense brought about by his brother, Jackson? Doesn’t even register with him. He just keeps doing his thing. That alone is worthy of a standing ovation and then some.

Then, of course, Mahomes’ greatness is beyond reproach. He’s already won two Super Bowls, with the last one coming on a bum ankle. Probably the most exotic, all-encompassing arm talent we’ve ever seen at the quarterback position.

…But now that things aren’t going so well in Kansas City, this whole losing thing that Mahomes isn’t accustomed to is starting to take its toll. The infamous play where Kadarius Toney lined up offsides and wiped out a potential game-winning TD with Travis Kelce caused Mahomes to go full “entitled whimpering/sore loser” mode after a 20-17 loss to the Bills.

Mahomes was mad that the refs, um…made the correct call? Toney was clearly lined up offside. By a freaking mile, relatively speaking.

The best part? Chiefs right tackle Jawaan Taylor is notorious for getting head starts before the play even begins.

A less generous officiating crew could’ve whistled Taylor for his umpteenth flag. Not only does he often line up way off the line of scrimmage, but he false starts about every third pass play. There’s a hilarious clip of him at the very end of this article. Please stay tuned. Saving perhaps the best for last.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Geez, what are the Chiefs so angry about? Don’t they get a ton of calls in their favor seemingly all the time?” in the aftermath of Mahomes’ blowup, you’re not wrong at all. X/Twitter user @MileHighMims assembled a damning reel of pro-KC officiating decisions that would have you believe the zebras are all rocking Chiefs jerseys on the field.

It’d be mind-numbing and annoying as hell for me to paste every single cut-up into this article, so I’ll focus on the highlights. And of course, being a Bengals bro, must include those particular instances.

The last Super Bowl, though? That infamous holding call on Eagles cornerback James Bradberry? If Mahomes and the Chiefs are going to baby bawl about the officials not letting them play through Toney’s misalignment, this was a far less egregious offense, in my opinion, and yours if you have functioning eyeballs and aren’t a KC fan:

Everyone always jokes about the NFL being scripted and “rigged” toward predetermined, desired outcomes by Goodell and the league office. If the Bengals had won twice in a row at Arrowhead Stadium in the AFC Championship Game, it would’ve probably sucked more for the NFL’s bottom line.

I’m not some grand conspiracy theorist, but you tell me. Should the Chiefs have gotten a free chance at another critical third down that they failed to convert, only to be bailed out by the clock not running when it should have been. If that sounds complicated, trust that it was.

Cincinnati still stopped KC on the second try, LOL. Sadly for the Bengals, Trey Hendrickson got the ever-loving sh*t held out of him on the decisive scramble by Mahomes, where Joseph Ossai hit him late out of bounds to set up a winning field goal.

Skyy Moore’s 29-yard punt return to give KC great field position on that drive wasn’t even part of this Twitter thread! Why should it have been, you ask? Because the refs missed a blatant block in the back, not dissimilar to the no-call that sprung Baltimore’s Tylan Wallace on that walk-off TD from this past Sunday.

OK but the actual-a** Super Bowl and my own Bengals-related grievances aside, there are many, many more problematic officiating choices that helped the Chiefs out immensely. Enjoy the best of the rest, and let me get out of here before I start breaking things in my residence over those AFC Championship Game plays.

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