Kadarius Toney Ruined One Of The Sickest Touchdowns In NFL History With Travis Kelce

Kadarius Toney

If this one play doesn’t sum up Kadarius Toney’s entire NFL career, I don’t know what else would be a more fitting microcosm. Former first-round pick. Knucklehead. Will never realize his full potential.

Case in point: This boneheaded alignment penalty by Toney wiped out an un-f*cking-believable heads-up play by Travis Kelce, who lateraled the ball to Toney way downfield and set up a likely winning touchdown against the Buffalo Bills. Instead, Kansas City is going home holding an “L” thanks to Toney’s latest blunder.

We need Taylor Swift to slander Toney on her next album. Her boo Kelce is one of the greatest to ever do it, and maybe the best pass-catching tight end of all-time.

He could’ve held onto the ball, gained some more yards for himself and gotten closer to whatever sort of records he’s chasing. Nope! Kelce is a classy guy, and decided to sling the ball out to Toney, who raced across the goal line to light up Arrowhead Stadium.

…Guess it wasn’t meant to be. Talk about a buzz kill. You get everyone all hyped up and excited that a Chiefs wide receiver actually did something right, only to be revealed as a complete and utter idiot. Recall, too, that Toney helped cost Kansas City the season opener against the Lions due to multiple drops, including one that glanced off his hands for a pick-six:


Props to Tony Romo for into the Chiefs’ wideouts for being so mid. Actually “mid” is probably a compliment toward that group of players.

Patrick Mahomes must be losing his marbles at this point. Or missing JuJu Smith-Schuster more than anyone. Apparently JuJu and a bunch of scrubs from last year were enough to get Kansas City to a Super Bowl win. The offense currently looks a lot more out of sorts than even some of the tough growing pains of the past. Might just be defenses catching up to what KC is doing a little better, far removed from Tyreek Hill’s departure. Eric Bieniemy moving to the Commanders might have something to do with it, too.

So yep. Bills 20, Chiefs 17. Tough.

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