“Too Stunned To Slither” – Squirrel Delivers Epic Beat Down On Snake To Rescue Friend

squirrel fights snake

The squirrel brotherhood runs deep.

Respectfully, I don’t even have some friends who would lay their lives on the line to save me. But this squirrel is a certified bada**.

A TikToker whipped out his phone as soon as he saw a snake wrap itself around a helpless squirrel. While witnessing a snake zone in on prey like that is a once-in-a-lifetime watch, to begin with, I doubt the man behind the camera was aware he was about to witness some serious nature-on-nature combat. He even noted how wild it was that he caught this on camera in his caption:

“Can’t believe I caught this on camera.”

The helpless squirrel is being constricted by a snake when one of his friends comes down from the tree and sees his fellow nut collector being harmed. The second squirrel takes a second to assess the situation and then unleashes on the snake.

This squirrel goes full-on Kung Fu Panda on the snake, letting him HAVE it.

After a swift a** kicking, the snake releases its coils from the squirrel, allowing him to escape. The squirrel’s friend also makes a break for it, and the snake is left there, not knowing what the heck just happened.

It’s freakin’ awesome.

Who would have known a tiny animal would have so much spunk in them?

@zhengheli Can’t believe i caight this on camera 🤣 #wildlife #squirrel #snake #fyp ♬ original sound – Oliver

Check out some of the hilarious comments on the viral post.

“Real national geographic.”

“The snake was flabbergasted.”

“That’s the kind of friend everyone needs.”

“Squirrel stood on business.”

“Bro owes him a beer.”

“He said, ‘Unhand my wife!'”

“Now that’s what I mean when I say ride or die.”

“How my homies better step in.”

“That squirrel was so fast with it, too.”

“Snake mad as hell he lost his food.”

“Boy was too stunned to slither.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock