Luke Combs Donates $100,000 To Childhood Cancer Research After Meeting 12-Year Old Leukemia Survivor

Luke Combs

That Luke Combs is good people.

He’s proven it time and time again through his generosity, not only with his money but with his time spent with fans and helping others. And at a recent concert, Luke stepped up once again in a big way.

It all started when Samuel Weidenhofer, a content creator from Australia, approached 12-year old Jocelyn and her family on the street. He told them that he was trying to get to a concert but was short on money, and asked if they could help him.

When the young girl handed over $10, he asked why she would help a total stranger. That’s when Jocelyn explained her own story:

“Because I had childhood cancer and now I like to give back to other people.”

As it turns out, Jocelyn was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia in September 2019, before being declared cancer free after a two-year battle.

Well if you’ve seen these types of videos on social media before you probably know where this is going. Instead of taking the money, Weidenhofer actually had a surprise for Jocelyn, handing her a guitar with a note on the back letting her know that not only would she be going to the Luke Combs concert at Beaver Stadium in Stage College, Pennsylvania, but she would also be meeting him backstage.

Now before we go any further, I know what you’re probably thinking: This has to be staged. But Jocelyn’s mother confirmed that it wasn’t, and that the 12-year old was genuinely surprised by the interaction.

Jocelyn then headed to the stadium and backstage to meet Luke, where he signed her guitar and even strummed some “Fast Car” for her. And she also told him about all she’s done to help other children who are battling cancer, raising over $100,000 through lemonade stands and other fundraisers.

So when it came time for Luke to perform “Fast Car” on stage, he had another surprise in store:

“A young girl and her family who flew here from San Diego, her name is Jocelyn. She’s battled cancer for a long time, she’s cancer free now. She has raised $100,000 at a lemonade stand for cancer research. I’m going to match that. I’m going to double it, wherever you’re at.”

This is the kind of feel-good story that the world needs more of. And we need more good dudes like Luke Combs..


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